Ombre Lips

Want to try this beautiful ombre lips? It’s fairly simple to do. Here are what you need:

  • Dew Kiss Lip Balm
  • Ideal Luminous Concealer
  • Vitaliscious Lipstick – Wine Wellness
  • Vitaliscious Lipstick – Pink Boost
  • Vitaliscious Lipstick – Nudetricious
  • Lip brush


  1. Apply lip balm all over lips. Blot excess with tissue paper
  2. Use concealer on lips to even out and neutralizenatural  lip color.
  3. Apply the lightest colored lipstick ( Vitaliscious Lipstick in Nudetricious) all over lips
  4. Apply the darkest colored lipstick (Vitaliscious Lipstick – Wine Wellness) on the top lip only
  5. Apply medium colored lipstick (Vitaliscious Lipstick – Pink Boost on center of both lips with a lip brush. Clean brush (by swirling it on paper towel) and mix lower lip colors so they blend nicely but still distinctive. Repeat with upper lip colors. And you’re done!

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  1. Must Have Boxes

    Ombre lips are gorgeous!

    – KW

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